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Flower Town Chinchillas

Wire Cage J-Clips 1 LB.

Wire Cage J-Clips 1 LB.

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These Little Giant Wire Cage Clips are used for assembling or repair of wire animal cages, hutches and traps. Perfect to use to make your own cage. Used with Wire Clip Pliers these clips form around two pieces of wire joining them together.

Wire Cage J-Clips are ideal for repairing or assembling cages for
• Chinchillas
• Hamsters & Dwarf Hamsters
• Mice
• Degu
• Gerbils
• Pet Rats
• Rabbit & Bunnys
• Guinea Pig & Skinny Pig
• Birds
• Ferrets
• Reptiles
• Tortoises
• Parrots
• Hedgehogs
• Sugar Gliders
• Prairie Dogs

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