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Flower Town Chinchillas

One-Stop Shopping for all your Small Pet Supplies

Flower Town Chinchillas in Brampton, Ontario, Canada offers a large variety of top quality products at very competitive prices to insure happy and healthy homes for all your small pet Chinchillas, Ferrets, Pet Rats, Rabbits, Degu, Guinea & Skinny Pigs, and other small furry pets.

Quality of life for all animals is very important to us at Flower Town Chinchillas. We stock many products that are not available at your local pet stores and we are constantly looking for new premium products that will benefit our small animal friends. Feedback on products and suggestions for new items you would like to see us provide for your pets are always welcome.

Our warehouse maintains a large inventory and regularly exceeds stock of 99% for all items advertised with any shortfalls usually incoming within a week to support our customer's pet needs for immediate supply.

Flower Town Chinchillas is the Canadian distributor for the famous Steel Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel, in addition to being Canada's Pet Industry representative for Harlan Teklad products, with some of the best contact bedding products available as well as one of the most sought after lab block diets for rats, mice, squirrels, gerbils and other small pets.

Additionally our stock consists of name brand quality merchandise from leaders in the pet industry such as Oxbow, Mazuri, Harlan Teklad, Martin Little Friends, Marshall Pet / Peter's Rabbit, EVO, Zupreem, 8 in 1, JoJo Hay, Midwest Homes, Super Pet, Ware Mfg, Petastic Naturals, Earth Balance-Marshall, Natures Miracle, Edstrom, Lixit, Prevue, EMT Gel, Grannicks, Brown's, Jungle Talk, Kaytee, N-Bone, Sun Seed / Vitakraft, Nepco, CareFRESH, Zilla, OregaPet, Four Paws, Oasis, Dr. Maggie, Addington Highlands, Bird Kabob Yucca Toys, Blue Cloud, Supreme Science, Bowtie Press, Barron's and TFH Publishing, Animal Planet, and others.

All of our prices are listed and invoiced in Canadian Dollars. We ship all orders from Brampton, Ontario which is centrally located in Canada. All orders shipped within Canada are NOT subjected to further charges when your shipment arrives at your door unlike orders from the USA or other countries. This means NO Currency Exchange Fees, NO Duty, NO Handling Fees, NO Additional Taxes, and NO Processing Fee.

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