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Totally Green Pet Stain Remover 12 oz.

Totally Green Pet Stain Remover 12 oz.

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Totally Green is hypo allergenic. Made from vegetable extracts, it works using natural carbonation to lift away pet stains and leave carpets and fabrics clean, fresh and odour-free. Totally Green eliminates the toughest stains and is safe on all carpets and the finest area rugs.

• Hypo Allergenic
• Pharmaceutical grade water
• Non-toxic - Safe for Pets & People
• Safe for allergy and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) sufferers
• Odourless and colourless
• No residue
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
• No animal testing
• 100% recyclable packaging

Totally Green is the only Pet Stain remover you’ll ever need to buy. Read the label and you’ll understand why Totally Green is the healthy alternative to keeping your carpets and area rugs looking like new!

It's not only safe and environmentally friendly, IT WORKS.

Eliminate pet stains without the worry of harming your family, pets or the environment - try Totally Green today!

TOTALLY effective
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