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Flower Town Chinchillas

Tea Time Small Wreath - Ware Pet

Tea Time Small Wreath - Ware Pet

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A warm welcome into your pet's humble abode!

Tea Time Small Wreath by Ware Pet is ideal for
• Chinchillas
• Hamsters & Dwarf Hamsters
• Degu
• Pet Rats
• Gerbils
• Mice
• Guinea Pig & Skinny Pig
• Rabbit & Bunny's

Tea Time Small Wreath by Ware Pet is a fabulously chewable and edible way to give your pet a warm welcome when they return home from being out for play time. Tea Time Small Wreath is made with all nature tea leaves and twigs which your small pet will love to curl up with and chew.

• Totally safe to chew
• Helps promote dental health
• Encourages healthy activity
• All natural tea leaves and twigs

Also available in the larger size Tea Time Large Wreath - Ware Pet

Ware Fact: Your pet needs mental stimulation and playtime activities to prevent boredom and the development of destructive behaviors. Toys encourage exercise and activity which promotes good pet health.

Other marvelous chewing possibilities from Ware are
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