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Flower Town Chinchillas

Stainless Steel Litter Scoop

Stainless Steel Litter Scoop

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Stainless Steel slotted litter scoop with long handle makes it easier to clean your pet's litter box. Stainless Steel is bacteria resistant making it cleaner for you and your pet's litter box. With this stainless steel slotted litter scoop you can sift out the clumps and leave as much clean litter behind reducing the amount wasted.

• Made from long-lasting stainless steel
• Works with pelleted paper bedding and clumping litter
• Easy to Clean
• Long Handle

Perfect for safe litters such as Harlan Pelleted Paper Litter - 40 Pound Bag, Marshall Premium Ferret Litter - 50 Pound Bag and Oxbow Eco-Straw Litter 20 Pound Bag
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