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Run-About Ball 6.5'' Dia Clear - Super Pet - Kaytee

Run-About Ball 6.5'' Dia Clear - Super Pet - Kaytee

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It's Fun & Fitness Right at Your furry Friend's Feet!

Here's How It Works:
• Gently place your pet inside
• Close the lock-tight lid
• Place the Super Pet Run-about Ball on the floor or on a Super Pet's Hamtrac Raceway
• Let the good time roll

Provide your furry friend with freedom to exercise. Small pets enjoy the world around them inside these crystal clear exercise balls. It's an excellent source of exercise for Hamsters and Gerbils.

The Super Pet Run-about ball fits perfectly onto Super Pet's Hamtrac Raceway for the safest and most controlled exercise environment.

• Super Pet Run-about Balls are interactive exercise toys.
• Supervision is necessary.
NEVER use in direct sunlight, on a table or near stairways.
• Several periods of 15-20 minutes each day will keep your pet happy & healthy
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