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Flower Town Chinchillas

Positively Papaya Garden Goodies Natural Treats (SunSeed)

Positively Papaya Garden Goodies Natural Treats (SunSeed)

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Positively Papaya Garden Goodies Natural Treats are ideal for Small Animals and Medium & Large Hookbills.

SUN SEED is please to bring you Mother Nature's Treats for your pet. SUN SEED GARDEN GOODIES are a garden fresh, healthy treat your pet is sure to enjoy. Try ‘em, they are "SUNTHING SPECIAL".

INGREDIENTS: Dehydrated Papaya.

Your pet is very special. Thats why SUN SEED products are made to be "SUNTHING SPECIAL". SUN SEED is a company operated by pet owners for pet owners. SUN SEED foods are specifically formulated to provide nutritional diets for the good health of your pets. Because many of the ingredients are grown locally, SUN SEED products are the freshest available. All this helps make the SUN SEED COMPANY unique and its products Truly "SUNTHING SPECIAL".

Crude Protein:....min. 0.15%
Crude Fat:.........min. 0.10%
Crude Fibre:......max 2%
Moisture:..........max 12%

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