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Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket

Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket

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Rabbit Walking Jacket with Matching Lead

Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket is ideal for
• Rabbit & Bunny's

Pet Rabbits will appreciate being able to explore the environment wearing this stylish combo.

• Velcro and quick snap buckle allow for easy on/off and safety
• Adjustable to fit various size rabbits and other small animals
• Elasticized leash allows for extra "give"
• Durable cotton is machine washable
• Assorted colours and patterns

Peter's stylish Rabbit Walking Jacket allows rabbits to explore the outdoors, stimulating their senses and allowing your pet rabbit to enjoy the environment. Velcro closures in front of and behind front legs with safety quick-snap buckle reduce the chance of escape.

Warning: The Peter's Rabbit Walking Jacket is intended for use under the supervision of a person. Do not tie the lead outside and leave your pet rabbit unattended. Remove the Rabbit Walking Jacket before placing your pet rabbit inside cage, pen or hutch.

Please indicate in the comment section when placing your order if you would like to receive Male or Female colors.

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