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Long John Hi-Side Litter Pan - Kaytee - Super Pet

Long John Hi-Side Litter Pan - Kaytee - Super Pet

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The Super Pet Long John Hi-Side Litter Pan is the perfect litter pan for ferrets and rabbits. It fits easily through the door of most homes, and its constructed of easy-to-clean, stain and odour resistant plastic. Long John features a pet-friendly low-entry design, making it easy for pets to get inside and use. In fact, it was specifically designed to conform to the long contour body shape of ferrets and rabbits! It also has high sides to prevent messes and litter from scattering outside the cage. Long John is available in four cool translucent colours.

Available here at FTC in these different shapes and sizes for you other small furries Little John Mini Hi-Corner Litter Pan (Super Pet) and Tall Corner Litter Pan with Quick Lock (Super Pet)

You can fill it with you favorite Super Pet Litter Critter Litter 4 Pound Bag (Super Pet) or a larger bag Critter Litter 8 Pound Bag(Super Pet)

Please indicate in the comment section when placing your order if you would like to receive Male or Female colors.
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