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Grooming Brush - Marshall Pet Products

Grooming Brush - Marshall Pet Products

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Extra Soft Bristles Are Gentle On Your Ferret's or Rabbit's Coat

Use Regularly to Keep your Pet Looking and Feeling Great

Marshall Grooming Brush is ideal for
• Ferrets
• Hamsters & Dwarf Hamsters
• Pet Rats
• Rabbit & Bunny's
• Guinea Pig & Skinny Pig
• Prairie Dogs

NOTE: When brushing during shedding season, it's a good idea to have Marshall Ferret Lax® or Peter's® Rabbit Lax® on hand to reduce the effects of hairballs.

Soft bristles gently remove loose hair and feels great on your ferret or rabbit's.

Pamper your ferret or rabbit with regular brushing.

For best results use in conjunction with the Marshall and Peter's Rabbit line of quality shampoos and conditioning products made specifically for either your ferret or rabbit companions.

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