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Ferret Sport Lead - Marshall Pet Products

Ferret Sport Lead - Marshall Pet Products

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Marshall – Caring For Ferrets Since 1939

Marshall Ferret Sport Lead are ideal for
• Ferrets

Marshall Ferret Sport Lead can also be used for
• Toy Breed Dogs

Dress Your Ferret In Style! Walk Your Pet in Style!

Ferrets love the excitement of the environment. Since ferrets can’t be let outdoors on their own, the Marshall Fashion Lead is the perfect solution to exercising your pet ferret, stimulating their senses and allowing your ferret to get out in the fresh air. Adjustable Velcro closure makes it a breeze to put on and take off. Simply Velcro the dress in front and behind the ferret's front legs, attach the lead and away you go.

Warning: The Marshall Ferret Fashion Lead is intended for use under the supervision of a person. Do not tie the lead outside and leave pet unattended. Remove the Ferret Fashion Lead and dress before placing your pet ferret inside cage, pen or hutch

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