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Cruising Crazy Critter Raceway - Marshall Pet Products

Cruising Crazy Critter Raceway - Marshall Pet Products

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The Grand Prix of Critter Racing!!

The Cruising Crazy Critter Raceway satisfies a ferret's powerful natural tunnelling instinct and offers fun and play for the whole family. It's created of durable, easy to clean materials, designed with safety in mind. The Raceway is the ideal exercise toy for ferrets. It also provides excellent stimulation and play for rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

• Includes a racetrack mat and two racing tubes
• Perfect for exciting ferret and small animal races
• Provides hours of stimulation and play
• Durable and easy to clean

Marshall Cruising Crazy Critter Raceway is ideal for
• Ferrets
• Hamsters & Dwarf Hamsters
• Pet Rats
• Guinea Pig & Skinny Pig

Prepare for Action: Unfold the raceway mat and attach tubes to mat side by side. Now you're ready to start the races. Place one small pet in each tube and let them go! First small pet to reach the finish line wins

For more racing fun: Start a ferret or small pet racing club and post best race times, try to break the record, entice small pets by placing there favourite treat at the end of the tube, take videos and post them on the internet, hold a unique fundraiser.

Easy to Clean: To clean mat, simply wipe with soapy cloth or paper towel and air dry. Wipe entire extended tubes with a soapy cloth to remove oils and dirt, rinse with warm water and air dry. Should your Raceway become overly worn from use, or torn from chewing, discontinue use and replace with the Marshall Super Thru Way.

Raceway Kit Includes:

• Two 7' racing tubes
• One 8' long racing mat
• Attachment straps

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