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Flower Town Chinchillas

Crispy Chews - Kaytee - Super Pet

Crispy Chews - Kaytee - Super Pet

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Super Pet Crispy Chews are made of tasty all natural, dried vegetable slices and are the crunchy way for small pets to clean their teeth.

For the ultimate chewing experience, place Super Pet Crispy Chews on Large Ka-Bob - Treat Space 6, Small Ka-Bob - Treat Space 3.75 or Critter Ka-Bob - Treat Space 6 and hang in any wire cage so your critter can nibble and play with the Super Pet Crispy Chews all day. These fun chews are available in two different colour assortments including red, yellow, blue and green, yellow, orange.

Also Available are Jumbo Crispy Chews (Super Pet)
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