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Bunny Bites - Carrot - Kaytee - Super Pet

Bunny Bites - Carrot - Kaytee - Super Pet

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Did you know your pets teeth constantly grow? Its true, that is why you need to constantly supply your favourite furry friend with a fresh supply of wood chews.

Kaytee - Super Pet Bunny Bites Carrot is an all-natural wood chew thats perfect for Rabbits and even safe for Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Pet Rats to chew. The package includes four carrot shaped wooden bites, each individually drilled so they can slide right onto Large Ka-Bob - Treat Space 6, Small Ka-Bob - Treat Space 3.75 and Critter Ka-Bob - Treat Space 6 for a sanitary solution to healthy small animal treats.

Also Available in Bunny Bites- Celery (Super Pet)
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