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Flower Town Chinchillas

Apple Orchard Sticks - Kaytee - Super Pet

Apple Orchard Sticks - Kaytee - Super Pet

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NEW Ka-Bob Chews from - Kaytee - Super Pet 2007

Real Apple Wood Chews Critters Can’t Resist

Natural Apple Wood for Your Chewing Critter

Apple Orchard Sticks from - Kaytee - Super Pet prove that an apple a day will keep your critter at play! These all-natural wood chews prevent boredom and help maintain healthy teeth for your pet. Treat your critter to the absolutely appetizing and super scrumptious Super Pet Apple Orchard Sticks.

• All-Natural Apple Wood
• Promotes Clean and Healthy Teeth
• Completely Safe to Chew

Now you can provide your pet with a clean, sanitary supply of Super Pet Apple Orchard Sticks and a fun chewing activity. Simply slide several chews onto Large Ka-Bob - Treat Space 6, Small Ka-Bob - Treat Space 3.75 or Critter Ka-Bob - Treat Space 6 and hear the jingle of the bell every time your furry friend takes a nibble out of these crunchy chews.

To Jazz Up your Kabob try adding Chilly Chews (Super Pet), Fruity Bites (Super Pet) and Crispy Chews (Super Pet)

Kaytee - Super Pet Fact: Apple Orchard Sticks are made from real apple trees. The branches of the trees are routinely pruned in order to insure the health of the tree and its fruit. The pruning of the trees creates a regular supply of branches that rodents and rabbits instinctively need and enjoy to chew.
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