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Flower Town Chinchillas

PUUR Chinchilla and Degu Food 500 Gram - Witte Molen

PUUR Chinchilla and Degu Food 500 Gram - Witte Molen

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PUUR Gourmet Muesli for Chinchillas and Degus

This is by far the nicest looking and smelling diet we have ever looked at for chinchillas and other small animals. Our chins who are older in their teens are somewhat set in their ways and can at times be picky about what they will eat. When given some of PUUR Gourmet Muesli for Chinchillas and Degus, they devoured it all and wanted more.

A chinchilla or degu needs about 30-45 grams of food per day, depending on life stage and health status. Make sure the animals eat all ingredients. Always give unlimited access to hay and fresh water. Store in a cool and dark place

• Free from added artificial sugars, to prevent disruption of natural sugar levels
• Fibre-rich and low-starch mix tailored to their sensitive digestive system
• The balanced, high-fibre composition, added vitamins and trace elements will increase your pets vitality
• Witte Molen PUUR contains everything that your pet needs for a good life
• Without artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings

PUUR Chinchilla & Degu Food 500 Gram from Witte Molen Is Ideal For:
• Chinchillas
• Degu

Rosehip, timothy, pepper, stinging nettle, marigold
• Pure & Varied Gourmet Muesli
• Special Ingredients Tailored To Your Chinchilla or Degu
• Easy Lock Re-Sealable Bags
• All Nutrients For A Healthy & Happy Life
• The Pure Pleasure of Natures Flavours
• The Prebiotics In This Food Also Promotes Healthy Digestion

Derivatives of vegetable origin (4% timothy hay, 3% marigolds, 0.2% nettle), vegetables (1% pepper), grains, fruits (4% rosehips), oils and fats, minerals

• Crude protein 13,6 %
• Crude fat 2,4 %
• Crude fibre 20 %
• Crude ash 6,1 %
• Calcium ,54 g/kg
• Phosphorus ,34 g/kg
• Sodium ,03 g/kg

• Vitamin A 9250 IU
• Vitamin D3 920 IU
• Vitamin E 60 mg
• Vitamin C 600 mg
• E1 Iron 40 mg
• E4 Copper 7,5 mg
• E5 Manganese 15 mg
• E6 Zinc 35 mg
• E8 Selenium ,1 mg
• Antioxidants

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