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Flower Town Chinchillas

Premier Pet Uber Soft Paper White Bedding 198 litres - 16 lb. Bag

Premier Pet Uber Soft Paper White Bedding 198 litres - 16 lb. Bag

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Premier Pet Uber Soft Paper White Bedding
7 Cubic Feet of Usable Volume
Produced Sludge Free - Clean – Natural
99.9& Dust Free for a Cleaner Cage
Odour Control Guaranteed
For Burrowing or Nesting Animals

• Made from materials that do not contain any chemicals or by-products that could be harmful to your pets
• We use only virgin, food, grade fibers in our bedding, that are super cozy and absorbent
• 100% safe and natural paper bedding, made in the USA, pure unbleached, never been printed paper

Absorbs moisture up to 6x its weight and expands to 3x its size for the clean, fresh-smelling home your pet deserves.

Lab Tests Confirm, Scientists Recommend: ALL NATURAL DIOXIN FREE Pet Bedding

Premier Pet Uber Soft Paper White Bedding is ideal for
• Chinchillas
• Hamsters & Dwarf Hamsters
• Mice
• Degu
• Gerbils
• Pet Rats
• Rabbit & Bunnys
• Guinea Pig & Skinny Pig
• Birds
• Ferrets
• Reptiles
• Snakes
• Tortoises
• Hedgehogs
• Sugar Gliders

We only use high-quality, food-grade paper and all-natural wood shavings that absorb moisture and odours.
Uber products contain zero artificial or unsafe chemical additives.

Uber uses the softest fibre to give your pets the comfort they deserve, with unsurpassed nestability so your fur babies have the security and enrichment they need. Plus it's fun to watch them turn their habitat into a customized home of their own!

Independent tests show Uber to be 99.8% dust free.
It's the best you can get for your pets.

You and your pets deserve a clean fresh-smelling home. Uber's odour control lasts longer than other beddings, but don’t forget to change your pet bedding at least once a week.even if it doesn’t bother your nose, your small pets might disagree.

A clean cage is essential to the well-being of your pet. The following bedding/litter instructions will help ensure the health of your pet.

Appropriate for use in any type of home.

Cover floor with loose product to a depth of 1 to 3 inches.

At least once per week, remove all bedding and wash enclosure with a suitable cage cleaner.
Rinse cage thoroughly with clean water to ensure the removal of all cleaner residue.
Frequency of cage cleaning depends on the size of your pet's home and the number of animals.
Always replace bedding with fresh product.
Maintaining a clean cage will help to keep your pets from developing respiratory problems due to ammonia build-up caused by urine.

All used bedding should be discarded.

Animal consumption of bedding product should be avoided.

If you believe your pet is experiencing health concerns related to this bedding, discontinue use, clean the cage and change the bedding type. If the problem persists, contact your veterinarian.

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