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Flower Town Chinchillas

Oxbow Oat Hay 15 oz.

Oxbow Oat Hay 15 oz.

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Oxbow Hay Company, "Your Fibre Specialist"
Oat Hay, The Fibre They Need - - - The Taste They Love

Oxbow Oat Hay is ideal for
• Chinchillas
• Hamsters & Dwarf Hamsters
• Degu
• Gerbils
• Prairie Dogs
• Tortoises
• Rabbit & Bunnys
• Guinea Pig & Skinny Pig

Oxbow Oat Hay has a great taste and is low in carbs. This high fibre, low protein grass hay will add both fibre and excitement to your herbivores daily diet.

Oxbow Oat Hay is companion forage that is similar in nutritional analysis to the western timothy. Your animals will love the immature oat grain that is contained in the seed head and will benefit greatly from the fibre in the leaf and stem. Oxbow Oat Hay is a good source of fibre and also gives variety to your animals diet. This product also makes a good bedding alternative to wheat straw.

The stage of maturity at harvest determines the development of the seed head. If the hay is harvested immaturely, at the early bloom stage, the actual oat kernel is not mature. The seed heads consist primarily of oat husks, which are rich in fibre. It is at this early stage that Oxbow harvests its Oat Hay. The result is light green/tan hay with flaky oat husks at the top. Although there is no mature oat kernel present, the hay smells like oats and guinea pigs and rabbits love it.

Hay is absolutely vital to the health of small herbivores. It provides not only nutrition, but environmental enrichment that mimics the animals natural habitat. It also provides a long-strand fibre source that is needed to improve the digestive and intestinal functions by stimulating the digestive system. When animals are fed free-choice hay, it promotes their natural chewing behaviour, which helps prevent molar spurs and other dental problems that are so common in these small herbivores.

Oxbow Oat Hay can be fed free choice to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs and other herbivores as an alternative to Oxbow timothy, orchard grass, and brome. Free-choice means that the feed is available at all times. If they finish what you give them, you need to give them more!

Not only should hay be used for nutritional purposes, but also for mental stimulation and the promotion of natural foraging behaviour.

Oxbow Hay Company takes great pride in supplying the very finest food and fibre products for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and many other small herbivores. Good fibre plays an important role in the diet of these animals. Oxbow Hay Company is committed to providing their customers with the very best grass and hays found anywhere.

Most Oxbow products are locally grown on the prairie soils of their family farm in Nebraska. Knowing the importance of preserving the soil and environment, the Oxbow Hay Company works closely with Mother Nature to bring you the best fibre in their hay.

Quality and service are high priorities at Oxbow Hay Company. The people at Oxbow Hay Company guarantees you will be happy with their products!

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Crude Protein...min. 7%
Crude Fat...min. 1.5%
Crude Fibre...max. 32%
Moisture...max. 15%

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