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Kaytee Crispy Garden Chew Carrot or Corn Kabob Family of Fun 1-Piece

Kaytee Crispy Garden Chew Carrot or Corn Kabob Family of Fun 1-Piece

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A Harvest of Chew Time Fun for Your Pet

Kaytee Crispy Garden Chews are ideal for
• Chinchillas
• Degu
• Gerbils
• Pet Rats
• Mice
• Hamsters & Dwarf Hamsters
• Rabbit & Bunny's
• Guinea Pig & Skinny Pig
• Birds

Kaytee Crispy Garden Chews are giant sized for a colossal fun that will keep your critter from being bored. And these garden greats, made from crispy loofa, help maintain your pet's clean teeth.

• Promotes interaction between owner and pet
• Crispy loofah provides flossing action
• Pet safe vegetable dye colours

You can also slide Kaytee Crispy Garden Chew or any of our wide assortment of chews onto a Large Ka-Bob - Treat Space 6'' - Super Pet. Watch the fun and hear the jingle of the bell every time your pet takes a bite to satisfy their chewing and gnawing instincts.

Try combining these chews with Chilly Chews (Super Pet) or Kaytee Layer Cakes All Natural Kabob Family of Fun 2-Pieces to add more exciting textures and tastes to you small pet's kabob.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one Crispy Garden Chew will be shipped. If you have a preference in shape (Carrot or Corn) please indicate that in the comment section of your order.

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