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Flower Town Chinchillas

Critter Ka-Bob - Treat Space 6 in. - Kaytee - Super Pet **PLASTIC HEAD REMOVED**

Critter Ka-Bob - Treat Space 6 in. - Kaytee - Super Pet **PLASTIC HEAD REMOVED**

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Give your crazy critter a chew treat in style with a Super Pet Critter Ka-bob!

The new 3-D design features the face of your favourite furry friend. Each Super Pet Critter Ka-bob comes with two FREE pieces of wood chews! The twist-off end allows you to add or replace any of Super Pets exclusively drilled Wood Chews, Salt Savours, and Lava Bites. Super Pet Critter Ka-bobs come with a clip that easily connects and secures them to any wire cage.

In addition to all the different cool chews Super Pet Critter Ka-bobs can hold, each Super Pet Critter Ka-bob comes with a big silver bell on the end so you can hear your critter having fun! Chinchillas have been known to actually like the sound of the bell.

At Flower Town Chinchillas we have a Kaytee - Super Pet Critter Ka-bob with a Sun Seed Chew Blox (ID #SS39400K) in all of our chinchilla cages along with an ever changing large variety of Mineral Treats and Ka-Bob Chew Toys that our chinchillas all enjoy.

We find placing chew toys on ka-bob holders (Even ones that have not been originally drilled with a hole) is more healthy and sanitary for your pet as they do not get contaminated with urine. This requires only a drill and a 5/32" drill bit.

At your request Flower Town Chinchillas will drill any undrilled chew toys with a 5/32" hole for $0.50 per package.

For areas where you might want a shorter ka-bob holder try Wares Treat K-Bob Holder.

NOTE: We remove the cute plastic animal head prior to using these great ka-bob holders. This removes a hard plastic item that is not the healthiest to have in your pet's cage and also allows more room to put on beneficial chew items. At your request we will remove this head for you prior to shipping.

Critter Ka-Bob Item #SP61136 also includes Bunny Ka-Bob Item #SP61138 and Guinea Pig Ka-Bob Item #SP61137 as aside from the different plastic head (which we remove for chinchillas and degu or other pets if requested) they are otherwise identical.
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