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Flower Town Chinchillas

Wasp Bee Gone (Mosquito Shield)

Wasp Bee Gone (Mosquito Shield)

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Wasp Bee Gone by Mosquito Shield is ideal for dealing with
• Wasps
• Hornets
• Yellow Jackets

The Wasp Bee Gone artificial wasp nest is an easy, effective, attractive and environmentally friendly way to get rid of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.

Being very territorial, individual insects will immediately leave the area once they see this nest.

Flower Town Chinchilla Owners personally used the Wasp Bee Gone Artificial Wasp Nest for the past 2014 season on our deck and we can attest that it definitely does the job keeping the yellow jackets away. We have had problems in past years but this year we saw some yellow jackets turn away when approaching our deck. We will certainly use this in future summers.

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