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Flower Town Chinchillas

Chew Blox - Natural Pumice Block (Sun Seed)

Chew Blox - Natural Pumice Block (Sun Seed)

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Your pet is very special. Thats why SUN SEED products are made to be "SUNTHING SPECIAL". SUN SEED is a company operated by pet owners for pet owners. SUN SEED foods are specifically formulated to provide nutritional diets for the good health of your pets. Because many of the ingredients are grown locally, SUN SEED products are the freshest available. All this helps make the SUN SEED COMPANY unique and its products Truly "SUNTHING SPECIAL".

SUN SEED TOOTH CONDITIONING CHEW BLOX is great for Chinchillas, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Degus, Pet Rats, Hamsters and Gerbils; this natural pumice block satisfies the desire to chew while keeping the teeth healthy and strong. This item is identical to Product ID #SS39401 minus the bulky packaging.

Chinchillas and other rodents teeth continue to grow throughout their lives. Without something hard to gnaw on, the teeth can become overgrown and unhealthy. Sun Seeds Tooth Conditioning CHEW BLOX is a natural way for your pet to keep its teeth in top condition. This natural pumice block lasts much longer than most wood chews and wont splinter, even after hours of chewing.

It is Flower Town Chinchillas opinion that every chinchilla should have their very own Sun Seed Tooth Conditioning CHEW BLOX.
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