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Flower Town Chinchillas

20 oz. Quick Fill Edstrom Style Stainless Steel Valve Water Bottle - Lixit

20 oz. Quick Fill Edstrom Style Stainless Steel Valve Water Bottle - Lixit

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Quick Fill Bottles have flip top lids and a precision stainless steel valve. Flat-sided bottle hugs the cage and comes with an easy to use spring attachment. Bottle made of PET plastic and is BPA free.Valve is very similar to the Discontinued Edstrom Water Bottles.

• Reliable drinking valve - no leaks or drips!
• Heavy duty, high capacity water tank
• For rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, small animals and small dogs.
• Attaches to any wire cage.
• Removable top with wide opening for easy cleaning.
• No need to remove bottle from cage to refill
• Flip-top opening for easy filling on cages
• Will not leak when mounted on cage and transported by vehicle - car, RV, etc.
• Will not leak when animal or bird shakes their cage
• Great for travel and medicating.
• Transparent plastic bottle - water level can be seen from outside the bottle
• The Valve has very low actuation force...easily operated by the smallest rodents or birds
• The Valve does NOT operate on vacuum principle...therefore saliva and feed are not sucked up into the water bottle
• No vacuum seal means no need to fill up bottle all the way when medicating - saves money
• Rectangular shaped bottle mounts neatly to side of cage with mounting spring (included)
• Water stays clean and fresh

Lixit Quick Fill Water Bottle is ideal for
• Chinchillas
• Degu
• Pet Rats
• Rabbit & Bunnys
• Guinea Pig & Skinny Pig
• Sugar Gliders
• Hedgehogs
• Ferrets
• Small Birds
• Medium Birds

• Dogs & Puppies

The Valve:
This bottle has a lever-action drinking tip and features a lever (or rod) rather than a ball bearing. This style of valve does not depend on a vacuum seal to function. When this lever is moved in any direction by your pet, it in turn flexes an internal diaphragm valve that releases a flow of water. The water travels down the metal tube to the end where your pet has access to it. As long as the lever is being moved or held in any position off center (the "closed" position), the internal flexible valve will be open to a greater or lesser degree to allow water flow. As soon as the pet releases the valve lever, and it returns to the centered position, the flexible internal valve seals shut. This Valve lever-action was developed following a review of similar drinking valve designs used in large rabbitries where water is delivered via large in-line systems using emitters rather than water bottles. The Top Fill water bottle is suitable for rabbits and similar sized pets with the same drinking technique.

**Please note**
This bottle does not have ball bearings and some pets will require training to use it. A ball bearing cap will not work on this bottle.

Standard bottle recommendations are:
Rabbits Inside, Ferrets, Large Birds, and similar sized pets - 32 oz bottle
Dogs on Crates and Carriers - 32 oz bottle
Small Dogs - 32 or 20 oz bottle
Guinea Pigs, Multiple Chinchillas - Rats and Degus, Medium sized Birds, and similar sized pets - 20 oz bottle
Hamsters, Mice, Small Birds, and similar sized pets or Single Chinchillas - Rats and Degus - 10 oz bottle

Sizes that are available here at FTC are: 20 oz, 10 oz. Quick Fill Edstrom Style Stainless Steel Valve Water Bottle and 32 oz. Quick Fill Edstrom Style Stainless Steel Valve Water Bottle

How To Clean The Quick Fill Water Bottle:
Plastic water bottles should be hand washed in soapy water (just like doing your dishes) and rinsed well. A Water Bottle and Tube Cleaning Dual Brush should be used to remove any “slime-build up”. It is recommended you clean your bottle weekly. A small amount of bleach helps to disinfect the bottles if desired, just add a few drops to your water and rinse well, 10 parts water and 1 part bleach is recommended. Commercial disinfectants are often sold through veterinarians.

How to Clean if the Water Bottle gets Clogged
For lack of a better word, "guck" is almost anything from small food particles to mineral deposits that build up inside the drinking tube. There are two very simple ways to clean the inside of the drinking tube. First, soak the entire cap assembly in a solution of 10 parts water and 1 part bleach for 30 minutes. This will start the cleaning process and dissolve any clinging algae or organic deposits caused by liquid vitamins or medications. Using a cotton swab or a pipe cleaner (also known as chenille stems at art and craft stores), wipe the inside of the drinking tube, pulling any debris out towards the open end of the drinking tube. Clean the tube from both ends using this method and soak it again in the bleach solution for about 10 additional minutes. Rinse the cap assembly very well. Using this method, it is sometimes quite surprising how much "guck" can be removed from a drinking tube that appears to be clean. With the inner surfaces cleaned and free of any debris that can interfere with the ball bearings free movement, the drinking tube should return to non-leaking full function.

Even though the Quick Fill Water Bottles are more chew resistant than most other water bottles on the market, a determined chinchilla or other small animal may decide to chew on your Quick Fill Water Bottle. Not only does this damage your investment in the Quick Fill Bottle it could also cause your bottle to leak causing your pet to run out of water prematurely. Prevent this by using Flower Town Chinchillas Flower Towns Stainless 10 oz. Quick Fill Edstrom Style Water Bottle Guard and Flower Towns Stainless 20 oz. Quick Fill Edstrom Style Water Bottle Guard to shield your Quick Fill Water Bottles.

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